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Fourth Grade

     (l-r) Ashley Gilreath, Kim Creef, Sarah Beacham, Marcia Finn, Esther Doxey  

Welcome to Fourth Grade!
Fourth grade is exciting, yet challenging year,  where students will build on  previous knowledge in all subject areas.
Reading classes will require a deeper understanding of comprehension as students move from learning to read to reading to learn.
In Math, our students learn to utilize a variety of multiplication and division strategies while building on their knowledge of fractions.
In Science, our students learn more about the world around them as they enjoy hands on activities while discovering answers to their own questions.

Social Studies classes will formally introduce students to North Carolina history as they explore the geography,history and culture of the people.

All fourth grade subjects incorporate technology throughout the daily curriculum.  Students are assigned a Chromebook to facilitate this 21st Century use of technology.

Fourth graders are encouraged to be more independent as they learn.  We strive to teach our students to depend less on their teacher’s guidance while they  researching, plan, and revise their independently learning skills.
Throughout the year, we welcome and encourage family involvement in school events, projects, and activities in the classroom.
We look forward to working with your student.