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School News

MES 2018-2019 Teacher of the Year
Teresa Creef

Manteo Elementary names Sarah Beacham as the 2018-2019 Teacher of the Year. 

Congratulations to Miss Sarah Beacham for being named the Manteo Elementary School Teacher of the Year.  Miss Beacham is part of the third grade team at MES.   Her undergraduate work was completed at East Carolina University in 2008.  After 2 years teaching in Pitt County, Miss Beacham returned home to Dare County and has been at MES the past 6 years.

Stay tuned for more information about Miss Beacham and her work at MES.

  • Teacher of the Year
MES Students take the Stage
Teresa Creef

Four MES students are spending their summer nights on The Lost Colony stage at Waterside Theater. 

Paige Reibel, Ashlynn Hardison, Riya Braunstein (not pictured, Erlin Zavala)

Four Students from Manteo Elementary School are spending their summer nights on The Lost Colony stage.  Paige Reibel and Riya Braunstein are rising sixth graders, while Ashlynn Hardison and Erlin Zavala (not pictured) are rising fifth graders. The three girls in the outdoor drama portray colonist children.  Riya is the veteran actor in the group as this is her fourth year in the show. Ashlynn has three years under her belt and this season marks Paige's debut.  The colonist children work on a three night schedule. This year is Erlin's second year in the show.  His character is Wano, Chief Manteo's son.  He is scheduled for all six shows, Monday through Saturday nights at the Waterside Theater at Fort Raleigh. 

So Long for Now
Kim Creef

After 33 years of service to Dare County Schools, Hope Guiley is set to retire in April. Through her years of service, she has touched the lives of countless students. Learn more about her service.

After 33 years with Dare County Schools, Hope Guiley will be retiring at the end of April.  Mrs. Guiley's retirement plans include traveling, exercise classes, becoming a master gardener and learning to play an instrument.  When asked about her time at MES, Mrs. Guiley shared,   "My favorite memory of MES is always the last day of school when all the teachers and assistants come out in the front to blow bubbles and wave goodbye to the busses and students as they leave to go home. I don't know of any other school that does this and it seems like such a great way to end the school year - a very happy ending! I love happy endings!"