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Parent-Family Involvement


Family Involvement Partnerships

At Manteo Elementary School we understand how valuable it is to collaborate and communicate with parents and stakeholders so that the learning experience continues even after the school day is over. In order to keep this as a priority, here is a list of engagement practices that we organize so that all parents and stakeholders are given the opportunity to be a part of their child's learning experience.

  • At the beginning of the year, we hold an Open House for all parents to come in and meet the teacher while getting a layout of the school classroom. In addition to Open House, we offer a Parent Learning Night a couple weeks after which is catered to teaching the parents how they can support their child's learning experience this coming school year. The Parent Learning Night is organized by blocks of time where parents are given the opportunity to come in without their children if they choose to, and meet and talk with the teacher about expectations, curriculum and opportunities.

  • Additionally, we have an established PTO(Parent Teacher Organization) here at Manteo Elementary School which is open to all parents. The meetings are held once a month at 8am in the cafeteria. The PTO is a contributing resource for our teachers and they offer many opportunities to support student and teacher learning. The PTO also organizes our annual Winter Wonderland Fundraiser and many others, which offer opportunities for parent involvement.

  • We fully understand the importance of having a healthy school culture so we have partnered with the high school to establish positive vertical mentoring programs that includes High Five Fridays with Varsity Athletes, AVID Collaborative Learning Groups and Peer Power to help foster the importance of student leadership through avenues of individual academic excellence, respect, responsibility and resourcefulness. 

  • Manteo Elementary School also has an established partnership with Publix Grocery Store where we have an annual Math Night Learning Event. This event takes place in the grocery store and it gives all of our students an opportunity to show off their math knowledge to their parents through an organized grade level scavenger hunt.

  • This year we have also partnered with the Manteo Public Library where through a donation from the Rotary Club, they are offering a DLI Family Night to encourage the growth and support of both spanish and english learning.

  • We believe a trusting family and school connection will also help ensure the success of our students so here are several additional family involvement nights opportunities: Making the Reader in Pre-K, Student Wax Museum Night,Hispanic Month Celebration Events and twice a year Parent Conferences. 

  • We want to continue to show off our student successes and celebrate the happening here so we routinely engage and post student and teacher stories on our school Facebook page and Instagram @ManteoElementary. 


Best Regards,


Curtis W. Price, Principal